Ornament Exchange 2009

Enjoy these pictures from our 2009 Ornament Exchange!
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To:   Bananabrianna---Canada

From:   Littlewhitebird---USA

To:   Pleiad---USA

From:  Queenfrog---Nova Scotia

To:  Pilcher-----Greece

From:  YokoSpungeon-----Republic of Ireland

To:  Loey-----Australia

From:  Smurphie-----Scotland

To:  Lellie-----England

From:  SophiatheReader-----UK

To:  LightinthePass-----Portugal
From:  TinaJean-----USA

To:  StringofPearls-----USA
From:  Constantweader-----UK

To:  Wombles-----Australia
From:  Stacers1973

To:  FutureCat-----New Zealand
From:  Ervar-----Finland

To:  Mozette-----Australia
From:  HwnScigirl-----USA

To:  NancyNova-----USA
From:  Emotionally-----Italy