Sunday, December 16, 2012

TinaJean to Yaroujidai-2012

To:  Yaroujidai-----Japan
From:  TinaJean-----USA

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Yaroujidai to TexasWren-2012

To:  TexasWren-----USA
From:  Yaroujidai-----Japan

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Shwooz to Artisticalias-2012

To:  Artisticalias-----USA
from:  Shwooz-----USA

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JoolsW to Bookgirrl-2012

To:  Bookgirrl-----Canada
From:  JoolsW-----UK

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Erishkigal to FancyHorse-2012

To:  FancyHorse-----USA
From:  Erishkigal-----USA

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Elizardbreath to Pumpkinpussycat-2012

To:  Pumpkinpussycat-----Canada
From:  Elizardbreath-----USA

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Kermit60 to JoolsW-2012

To:  JoolsW-----UK
From:  Kermit60-----Greece

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Smurphie to 97Idefix-2012

To:  97Idefix-----Germany
From:  Smurphie-----Scotland

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Varykino to NancyNova-2012

To:  NancyNova-----USA
From:  Varykino-----Canada

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beginning of 2010 Ornament Exchange pictures

The following posts contain pictures from the 2010 exchange.  If you want to see the pictures from 2011, you can find them here.