Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pumpkinpussycat to Florinda-BS 2012

To: Florinda-BS-----Germany

From:  Pumpkinpussycat-----Canada

Florinda-BS 2012
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Gobbel to Brookler-2012

To:  Brookler-----Canada

From:  Gobbel-----Germany

Brookler_1 2013
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This is a lovely Advent calendar.  The picture below shows one of the ornaments behind one of the doors.

brookler_2 2012
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NancyNova to Oraetlabora-2012

To: Oraetlabora-----Germany

From:  NancyNova-----USA

Oraetlabora 2012
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From Herchelle to Constantweader-2012

To: Constantweader-----UK

From:  Herchelle-----Canada

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