Friday, December 27, 2013

2ManyHobbies to Wolfsauge-2013

To:  Wolfsauge-----Germany

From:  2ManyHobbies-----USA

Wolfsauge 2013

Yellowbow to FraukeRo-2013

To:  FraukeRo-----Germany

From:  Yellowbow-----Portugal

FraukeRo 2013
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BsLiv1219 to LightinthePass-2013

To:  LightinthePass-----Portugal

From:  BsLiv1219-----USA

LightinthePass 2013
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Jurinde to Mozette-2013

To:  Mozette-----Australia

From:  Jurinde-----Germany

Mozette 2013
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Wolfsauge to Yokospungeon-2013

To:  Yokospungeon-----Republic of Ireland

From:  Wolfsauge-----Germany

Yokospungeon 2013
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Florinda_BS to Sirroy-2013

To:  Sirroy-----Republic of Ireland

From:  Florinda-BS-----Germany

Sirroy 2013
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Meg72 to Kermit60-2013

To:  Kermit60-----Greece

From:  Meg72-----Portugal

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Krissa33 to Bookgirrl-2013

To:  Bookgirrl-----Canada

From:  Krissa33-----France

Bookgirrl_1 2013
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Note from Bookgirrl- " I just love the funny little elves with grey beards - ADORABLE! -  but also, really like the thought that her hands made these other ornaments."