Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mozette to NancyNova-2013

To:  NancyNova-----USA

From:  Mozette-----Australia

NancyNova 2013
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LittleSuz to Kriskross-2013

To:  Kriskross-----Greece

From:  LittleSuz-----UK

Kriskross  2013
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Elis-fromSweden to TexasWren

To:  TexasWren-----USA

From:  elis-fromSweden-----Sweden

Texaswren  2013
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What elis-fromSweden didn't know is that I have wanted one of these since I was a very little girl.  This was truly a childhood wish come true. 

This is one of my daycare kids.  She is as enthralled with it as I am.  We take a few minutes every day to light the candles and sit quietly together.  We may have caught another generation.

Texaswren 2013
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Radaghast to Elhurricane--2013

To:  Elhurricane-----Portugal

From:  Radaghast-----USA

Elhurricane  2013
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Elhurricane  2013
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Catiaborboleta to Libby2 2013

To:  Libby2-----USA

From:  Catiaborboleta-----Portugal

Libby2  2013
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Constantweader to Radaghast-2013

To: Radaghast-----USA

From:  Constantweader-----UK

Radaghast  2013
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