Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smurphie to Yokospungeon

To: Yokospungeon-----Ireland

From:  Smurphie-----Scotland

Yokospungeon 2014
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Vapormom to Catiaborboleta

To:  Catiaborboleta-----Portugal

From:  Vapormom-----Canada

Catiaborboleta 2014
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Elsbeth22 to FutureCat

To:  FutureCat-----New Zealand

From:  Elsbeth22-----USA

Futurecat 2014
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Lizzyblack to Dustyflint

To: Dustyflint-----USA

From:  LizzyBlack-----Italy

Dustyflint 2014

Moody-Blue to Lightinthepass 2014

To:  Lightinthepass-----Portugal

From:  Moody-Blue-----USA

Lightinthepass 2014
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Spedbug to Nikel27

To:  Nikel27-----Germany
From:  Spedbug-----USA


Herchelle to Swantje 2014

To: Swantje-----USA
From:  Herchelle-----Canada

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Jakesgg to Mozette

To:  Mozette-----Australia
From:  Jakesgg-----USA

Mozette 2014
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Chawoso to Wombles 2014

To: Wombles-----Australia
From:  Chawoso-----Germany
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Efell to Stellamaris23

To:  Stellamaris23-----Spain
From:  Efell-----Austria


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LittleWhiteBIrd to Sirroy 2014

To:  Sirroy-----Ireland
From:  LittleWhiteBird-----USA

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Shemchin to Efell

To:  Efell-----Austria
From:  Shemchin-----USA

Efell 2014
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Efell2 2014
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Vaga-bonde to Spedbug

To:  Spedbug-----USA
From:  Vaga-bonde-----Switzerland

Spedbug 2014

BsLiv1219 to MyssCyn 2014

To:  MyssCyn-----USA
From:  BsLiv1219-----USA

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Mysscyn2 2014


2013 Ornaments

Welcome to the 2013 Ornament Exchange photos.

You can find previous years by following these links.

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NancyNova to Wombles 2013

To: Wombles-----Australia
From:  NancyNova-----USA

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Brookler to 97Idefix 2013

To: 97Idefix-----Germany
From: Brookler-----Canada

97Idefix from Brookler2013
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