Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crazy66 to TexasWren-2013

To:  TexasWren-----USA

From:  Crazy66-----Germany

TexasWren2 2013
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There is actually a story behind this gift.  It isn't actually part of the Ornament Exchange.  I saw the picture of the ornament that Crazy66 sent to her partner and noticed the Gummi Bears.  It brought back some really great memories of my college days.  My roommate's parents lived in Germany and would send her big bags of the Haribo Gummi Bears.  Laura would share a few but always carefully rationed them.  They were my first taste of "foreign" and I loved them!  I shared the story with Crazy66 and it made her smile.  She offered to send me some.  I was thrilled although it wasn't my intent in telling her the story.  Instead of the little bag I expected, she sent me this-lots and lots of Gummi Bears, which I am also rationing!    She also included the hand made Nutcracker wall hanging and the adorable keyring.  I don't know if you can tell, but the keyring has gnomes and woodland figures on it.  The fun part is that I also sew and quilt.  I've actually made some of those keyrings as gifts.  I feel like I've found not only a fellow reader but a fellow craftswoman. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

2ManyHobbies to Wolfsauge-2013

To:  Wolfsauge-----Germany

From:  2ManyHobbies-----USA

Wolfsauge 2013

Yellowbow to FraukeRo-2013

To:  FraukeRo-----Germany

From:  Yellowbow-----Portugal

FraukeRo 2013
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BsLiv1219 to LightinthePass-2013

To:  LightinthePass-----Portugal

From:  BsLiv1219-----USA

LightinthePass 2013
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Jurinde to Mozette-2013

To:  Mozette-----Australia

From:  Jurinde-----Germany

Mozette 2013
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Wolfsauge to Yokospungeon-2013

To:  Yokospungeon-----Republic of Ireland

From:  Wolfsauge-----Germany

Yokospungeon 2013
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Florinda_BS to Sirroy-2013

To:  Sirroy-----Republic of Ireland

From:  Florinda-BS-----Germany

Sirroy 2013
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Meg72 to Kermit60-2013

To:  Kermit60-----Greece

From:  Meg72-----Portugal

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Krissa33 to Bookgirrl-2013

To:  Bookgirrl-----Canada

From:  Krissa33-----France

Bookgirrl_1 2013
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Note from Bookgirrl- " I just love the funny little elves with grey beards - ADORABLE! -  but also, really like the thought that her hands made these other ornaments."

Monday, December 23, 2013

HwnSciGirl to Catiaborboleta-2013

To:  Catiaborboleta-----Portugal

From:  HwnSciGirl-----USA

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catiaborboleta4 2013
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Sherlockfan to Pumpkinpussycat_2013

To:  Pumpkinpussycat-----Canada

From:  Sherlockfan-----New Zealand

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Elsbeth22 to Zimort-2013

To:  Zimort-----Norway

From:  Elsbeth22-----USA

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Vaga-bonde to Meg72-2013

To:  Meg72-----Portugal

From:  Vaga-bonde-----Switzerland

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Herchelle to FutureCat-2013

To: FutureCat-----New Zealand

From:  Herchelle-----Canada

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Katekintail to FancyHorse-2013

To:  FancyHorse-----USA

From:  Katekintail-----USA

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