Monday, November 25, 2013

Spedbug to Krissa33-2013

To: Krissa33-----France

From:  Spedbug-----USA

Krissa33 2013
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Krissa33_2 2013
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Krissa33 2013
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Kermit60 to Vaga-bonde-2013

To:  Vaga-bonde-----Switzerland

From:  Kermit60-----Greece

Vaga-bonde 2013
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5kiana to Pleiad-2013

To:  Pleiad-----USA

From:  5kiana-----Switzerland

Pleiad 2013
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Elhurricane to Dustyflint-2013

To:  Dustyflint-----USA

From:  Elhurricane-----Portugal

dustyflint 2013
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The angel was made by Elhurricane's Mom.  The card was made by children in a local school.  Dustyflint wants to say "Es muito linda-Obrigado!"

Ervar to Spedbug-2013

To: Spedbug-----USA

From:  Ervar-----Denmark

Spedbug 2013
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Yokospungeon to Bsliv1219-2013

To: Bsliv1219-----USA

From:  Yokospungeon-----Republic of Ireland

bsliv1219 2013
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